Corona Germany: update measures

Since 15 January 2022, the following rules have changed in Germany:

Recovery certificates

The validity period of recovery certificates (one of the 3G options) has been reduced to 90 days.

A recovery certificate must now meet the following conditions:

The test that determined the corona contamination must have been carried out by a laboratory using nucleic acid detection (e.g. a PCR test), AND,
The date of the positive test must be at least 28 days old, AND
The date of the positive test must not be more than 90 days old

Johnson&Johnson vaccine

The rules regarding the Corona vaccine Johnson & Johnson have also changed in Germany. Where previously one dose was sufficient, this is now no longer the case.

If you have been vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson and have only received one dose, Germany no longer considers this a complete vaccination. You are only fully vaccinated after a second dose (of another vaccine).

Other already existing rules have not changed and still apply. In other words, drivers who drive to Germany from a risk area (which currently includes Belgium) are still exempt from submitting 3G documents, registration and quarantine.

Please note: from the moment you leave the cabin, you are bound by the 3G rules on the work floor (e.g. when loading or unloading goods) and one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is no longer sufficient for a valid Covid Pass.

Be sure to take this into account!

Source: Febetra 19.01.2022