Disruption by “freedom convoy” February 14, 2022

On Monday 14 February 2022, the so-called ‘freedom convoy’ of drivers will come to Belgium.

Belgium has not approved this action, yet it appears that several drivers in France left for Paris today, with Brussels as their final destination on Monday. Ook vanuit Nederland, Duitsland en Luxemburg zouden oproepen weerklinken om naar de Belgische hoofdstad af te zakken.

We would like to warn about possible nuisance caused by this action for transporters who have to make deliveries in the capital (and other Belgian cities) on Monday and for transporters who have to cross the border.

Particularly in Brussels, possible hindrance is expected, as the Heysel is the final destination of the ‘convoy’. The area around the European Parliament may also be blocked.With the exception of essential travel, it is not recommended to drive to Brussels on Monday, as it is still very unclear how big the impact of this action will actually be.

Source: Febetra 11.02.2022