3PL Projects

Hamann offers its customers a full range of services and is therefore very well placed to act as a 3PL for manufacturers. As 3PL, we execute all commissions within our own organization, regardless of which transport mode is desired by the customer, and take care of all communication with the suppliers, end customer, loading location, unloading location, etc.
Hamann takes the responsibility for the complete logistics flow; looks for the right partners in this regard and can realize this at competitive prices. Hamann also takes care of the entire administration; from order confirmation to delivery and invoicing. This allows the customer to concentrate on his core activity. Hamann is active as a 3PL in the automotive sector, textile sector, food industry, etc.

4PL Projects

As a customer, would you like to outsource the entire administration regarding the organization of transport and logistics? It’s possible! Hamann offers services as a Control Tower to various customers. Together with the customer, Hamann looks for suitable partners for the customer’s logistics; the customer ultimately decides on the partners with whom it will work and Hamann takes care of the commission processing with regards to these partners; the follow-up of the services, as well as the assessment of the performance of these partners and, where necessary, corrects them accordingly.

Project Management

Hamann International Logistics devises, studies, designs and realizes customized commissions for its clients. The development can be done in Wetteren or at the customer. Hamann International Logistics takes the responsibility for the preliminary study, start-up, implementation, execution and follow-up upon itself.


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