Luxembourg introduces 3G rule on the working floor

In Luxembourg, the “3G rule” will apply in the workplace from 15 January. This means that every employee, civil servant or self-employed person must be vaccinated, cured or tested (in German: geimpft, genesen, getest, hence “3G”) in order to gain access to the workplace.

This “3G rule” also applies to truck drivers.


The “3G rule” does not apply to drivers in transit through Luxembourg.

The “3G rule” also does not apply to drivers of foreign transport companies who drive into Luxembourg to unload or load and then leave the country again (there is no time limit on this, so the driver can take his daily or weekly rest in Luxembourg)


The “3G rule” does apply to foreign transport companies if there is cabotage in Luxembourg.

The “3G rule” is thus not applicable to truck drivers of foreign transport companies, unless it is cabotage.

To avoid surprises and since some companies may also apply the “3G rule” to external persons at their sites, it is advisable to contact the Luxembourg companies where the driver is to load/unload in advance.

Proof of vaccination:

Digital COVID vaccination certificate from the EU or vaccination card showing that one has been vaccinated (only valid after at least 14 days).

Proof of recovery:

EU digital COVID certificate of recovery or other evidence of recovery showing confirmation of previous infection with COVID-19 by nuclear acid amplification technology, at least 28 days but not older than 6 months.

Proof of negative test:

PCR tests not older than 48 hours and certified rapid antigen tests not older than 24 hours. Self-tests (= rapid tests performed by the tested persons themselves without supervision) are not accepted.

Source: Febetra 13.01.2022