BREXIT: important changes from 01.01.2022

On 01/01/2022, a new phase of the Brexit and the associated regulations & customs formalities will start.  The changes concern the regulations on the British side.   Hereby we provide you with an overview of the most important issues.

1. Pre-lodgement: in the new pre-lodgement model, parties must already submit their customs declaration(s) before goods are loaded into the European Union (EU).

If your UK customer wishes to continue to use its own brokers and avoid the ETSF customs warehouse, we must receive the pre-lodged import customs entry reference (ERN) in advance of the order so that we can cross the channel.    The goods will only be collected when this document is sent to Hamann with the order confirmation, in order to avoid overflow in our warehouses.

2. Goods Vehicle Moment System: the carrier then links this declaration(s) to a specific trailer via the UK Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS). The resulting Goods Movement Reference (GMR) is used by the carrier for access to the ferry terminal. No GMR means no access. Once arrived in the UK port, the GMR usually allows the goods to proceed directly.

3. Health certificate required for POAO (Products of Animal Origin) & ABP (Animal By – products = animal by-products (non-human consumption) Exporter’s responsibility, to be obtained via FASFC.

4. Pre-notification required for POAO, ABP & HRFNAO (HRFNAO = High-Risk Food and Feed Not of Animal Origin = high-risk foodstuffs of non-animal origin, such as nuts, seeds and spices). Responsibility of consignee – registration in IPAFFS.

5. Entry into the UK via specific border posts (BCP: Border Control Posts)