Coronavirus – Update

Dear customer,

We have some further updates regarding the situation in Italy.

First and foremost, we once again assure you that all operations are running smoothly.

A red and yellow zone division has been set up within Italy.

  • The red zones = completely closed, loads and deliveries are impossible.
  • The yellow zones = can be entered for the time being, but is not recommended

Please find the details per zone here.

Due to the latest measures of the Italian government, shops, restaurants, malls, and bars have to remain closed, that means also that no delivery can take place to this type of businesses.

In order to keep the businesses and service levels on a high level we ask you:

  1. Do not load any shipment which are designated for delivery for above mentioned consignee (types).
  2. Please check with your customers if their consignee is still operating as normal and accepting cargo.

With these measures, we would like to ensure that we do not create backlog in our Italian terminals. We need to ensure, that our terminals are not flooded with shipments, which cannot be delivered.

Negative developments can be reported for our LTL/FTL business as capacities are dropping dramatically.  As a result of which we can no longer guarantee the current pricing.

Once again, we would like to emphasize to maintain your regular orders to Italy.

Please also note that there are traffic jams at the Brenner crossing due to the controls at the Austrian border. These might cause delays in the line hauls.

We rely on reliable sources for the content of our mailings, however, Hamann International Logistics cannot be held liable should the content be outdated or incorrect.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are at your service.

Kind regards,

Hamann International Logistics NV