Spain: modified approach

Here is more information on the Spanish companies, which are considered essential and therefore allowed to continue their business activities:

First necessity

  • Commercial retail shops for food, beverages, products and supplies
  • Pet food
  • Trading via internet, telephone or correspondence
  • Hygienic products


  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Health Centres: the elderly, minors, dependants or persons with disabilities. People working in companies, R&D and biotechnology centres linked to COVID-19
  • Veterinary centres or clinics
  • Optical and orthopaedic products
  • Services in the chain of production and distribution of goods
  • Sanitary technology
  • Medical equipment
  • Protective equipment
  • Sanitary hospital equipment
  • Funeral services and other related activities
  • Protection and care of victims of gender violence
  • Cleaning, maintenance, urgent repairs in case of breakdowns and surveillance services


  • Car fuel
  • Home delivery services can only be provided (applied to restaurants)
  • Carriage of goods and passengers throughout the national territory
  • Transit at points of entry or border inspection posts at ports or airports: It will be given a high priority for products initially needed.

Security & legal

  • Custodial institutions
  • Civil protection
  • Maritime rescue
  • Rescue and fire prevention and control
  • Safety of mines
  • Traffic and road safety
  • Maintenance of the material and equipment of the armed forces
  • Law firms and legal consultancies
  • Lawyers
  • Social graduates
  • Translators
  • Interpreters
  • Services in notaries and registers
  • Psychologists
  • Reception centres for refugees and temporary accommodation centres for immigrants and public bodies of private management
  • The operator designated by the State to provide the universal postal service


  • Banking and insurance companies
  • Investment companies
  • Activities of payment infrastructures
  • Financial markets

Other services

  • Telecommunications and audiovisual companies
  • Media and press agencies
  • Technological and telecommunication equipment
  • Provision of meteorological forecasting and observation services
  • Press and stationery
  • Tobacconists
  • Dry cleaners, laundries
  • Professional practice of hairdressers at home
  • Supply of electrical energy, products based on oil and natural gas
  • Critical operators of essential services
  • Maintenance of the productive activities of the processing industry offering the supplies Water supply, purification, conduction, purification and remediation