Extension of our certificates

Hamann International Logistics is proud to announce that we have successfully undergone 3 audits and that the following certificates have been extended:

The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Charter has rewarded the hard work of Hamann International Logistics for the 3rd year in a row for taking into account the influence that we have on the quality of the living environment, climate, energy consumption, etc.

With the 5th extension of the Bio Certificate, Hamann International Logistics proves that it has the necessary experience for storing and transporting goods with the bio-label; amongst others, compliance with all traceability and document control requirements, inventory management, etc.

The IFS Certificate is being extended for the 4th time and is a guarantee for our customers that Hamann International Logistics is able to transport goods with high requirements in terms of food safety, product integrity, food defence and food fraud. In this regard, an extensive HACCP manual, with the accompanying action plan and control mechanisms has been drawn up.