The Warmest Week

Our employees also showed their warm warm heart for the Warmest Week. Thanks to the sale of artisan waffles, madeleines and truffles, as well as the organization of a breakfast buffet they collected € 1 883.20. Of this, our 3 chosen charities receive each € 627.73.

The chosen charities this year are Kebene, Bijs and Stroke Team Gent:

  • Kebene: A project in Kenya that has been taking care of streetkids and orphans in the sout coast of Kenya since 2007.
  • Bijs: A project in which several families have built a house themselves where their children, with an intellectual and/or motor disability, can live together and receive professional care.
  • Stroke Team Gent: A non-profit organization with the aim of informing and raising awareness about strokes, as well as uniting and supporting people who have had a stroke.